The Happy List No. 1

6:47 PM Ajj Morales 0 Comments

Discovered another blog link-up. I think I might be getting a little obsessed with this blog link-up thing. Hihi. (^u^)  Knowing things to be happy about is a good starter for the new day. It shakes off all what's left of the negative vibes from the day before. So here's my Happy List!:

  • The damp, gloomy weather. While gray skies make some people down, it's the opposite for me.
  • We just had our first anniversary! I'm looking forward to celebrate it with him on Thursday.
  • Coffee and philosophical conversations with Dad.
  • Reunited with my High School friends (a.k.a. BOSS Family).
  • My grades reflected how I did better than last sem.
  • New friends from Chorale.
  • Knowing God's got me.

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Spread the happiness and enjoy the little things!
Special thanks to the lovely Ate Camie. <3