New Year Post!

10:20 AM Ajj Morales 0 Comments

While people get all giddy and excited whenever new year comes, I feel nothing special. To me, it's just another ordinary day - a continuation of the day before, which is last year. The "New Year, New Me", and New Year's Resolutions do not apply to me anymore. Why use a holiday as an excuse to get off your ass and start working? Besides, every day is a new day, a new chance to make things better. Because most of the time, promises made or items on your resolutions wish would just last for weeks or months - they'd be left out on one corner: dusty, unfinished, waiting for another year to end until they are made promises again. So for me it's best not to plan for the long run (for the whole year), but put action to it as immediate as possible. Grab chances and never let them go. Let spontaneity lead you throughout this year. I swear, it will all be worth it. ;)