The Sunday Currently No. 6

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Hi, hello. (Will/is anyone even read/reading my blog? Lol.)
The past two months have been an emotional rollercoaster. Me and my family left my grandma's place and are currently settling in an apartment 3 Avenues away. We're free at last! I've been waiting to get our own place and be out of my grandma's hair(?) (pun intended).
My break's pretty much uneventful. The pool party with my high school friends,

and moving out are the only highlights of it.

Enough of chit-chat. Let's just save it for the following posts (I swear to update as much as I could).


R E A D I N G - Holes by Louis Sachan. Another book sale gem. I discovered this book from my boyfriend as his Book vs. Movie review for our English Class. I might make my own review on Goodreads within this week.
W R I T I N G - this blog post and a story an script for my sister's group project. I have to come up with 18 characters, and a 8-page long script (Font size 10) which is due tomorrow. No big deal. I'll finish this before 5. :----)
L I S T E N I N G to my "Gray Skies & Coffee" Playlist
T H I N K I N G about names for the characters. So hard to come up with such good ones (or is it just me?)!
S M E L L I N G - My hot choco! The heat from the previous months is definitely gone.
W I S H I N G - I had more time to train/work, and a stable internet connection. I've been planning to work during the break at as an Online Tutor, but my internet sucks and I haven't got the time because of the turn of events during the past few months.
H O P I N G - for a better semester. The last semester's been a huge disappointment. I really hope to improve this time.
W E A R I N G - my polka-dot jammies and shirt (they're not even matching huhu)
L O V I N G - our new apartment! It's like the smaller version of our apartment back in Tarlac - tiny, but ironically spacious.
W A N T I N G - to go on an adventure outside Manila. My one last outing before school starts.
N E E D I N G - to go to COMELEC and NBI to work on my papers. The only practical goals I've listed for when I turn 18.
F E E L I N G - confused. It's been months since I've felt certainty.
C L I C K I N G - through some socio-political blog posts. I've finally found the gold mine!

I just realized how I could update my life with this blog-link. Thanks a bunch to Ate Camie!