Freewriting bullshit no. (i forgot to keep track)

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Thing is, I've only have 2 weeks left to accomplish all my requirements and exams, and I have no idea how to balance everything. I'm never good at time management. (And wow, you still managed to make this blog post. Kudos to you, Aj!)

I haven't written or read any book in months, or should I say, I haven't been doing anything practical and productive since god knows when. And here I am forcing my brain to get its shit together. I forgot where the Academic to Vacation Mode Switch is.

My mind's wandering off somewhere. Already transcending in to the pleasures of Dry-Season Break. I need the Beach, the all-nighters with my girlfriends, the FUN without having to worry about anything!

Welp, it's almost 11 and I better finish my speech draft for English.

Wish me luck and pray for my good soul. T ^ T