Life Lately, August 2016

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It's been forever since I last posted here. I never really lived up to my promise of keeping this up. LOL. Anyway, a lot has happened since the last time I've ever written on this blog. And I feel like this is a turning point for me.

We've moved back to my grandma's place and more or less, things are still the same at home. But it's nice to know that my parents are fighting less, and loving more. Things are looking up a bit with my dad, especially. All his efforts at his work and sidelines are paying off little by little.

I've passed the said-to-be "hardest" semester of my four-year program that I thought I'd flunk. Really. I could not have gotten through the previous sem if it weren't for my very supportive friends. They've helped me a lot while my (not anymore) boyfriend was gone.

Things have been looking up in my two organizations. I did not get to be the Asst. Art Dir. for our college's publication, but I did get to be an Acting Art Dir.! It was so unexpected, but I'm more than grateful for it. My second organization has given me great opportunities as well and I could not be more excited for this coming Academic Year!

Lastly, my (not anymore) boyfriend broke up with me after disappearing for more than 3 months. We still talk, but just as friends. He needed time for himself, and I guess I need time to find myself, too. To be honest, I think it's better that I stay single for a while.

Here's to more growing up's and adulting!