May 3

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Date with daddy!!! Well, it's not actually a date. Just some sort of quality time alone with my dad. He had to run a few errands first before going north. We headed to SM north annex first to get some stuff and also looked around some places. We even encountered this guy who unexpectedly asked us a few questions about our experience in Jollibee while having our lunch. Dad wasn't giving specific answers, well, I guess it's a broader way of saying 'Don't talk to strangers'. Anyway, our walks were filled with random thoughts and stories of the past.
The trip was a bliss. It's been a while since I've traveled the north in the car with only my dad. However, I regret not having downloaded songs he's familiar with (I got too punk rock, I guess). Anyway, I still tried to blurt out any appropriate thing I could tell him to keep the conversation going.
As we got nearer to Tarlac, there was this familiar feeling of home; I have never felt this in years! Well, I suppose Tarlac will forever remain as my home. It's where I had my gradeschool days - where most of the highlights of my childhood took place.
Upon entering Luisita, Dad taught me the basics of driving and drove a little too. It was almost deserted; only a car or two would drive by every 10 minutes so why not seize the moment? I don't want to elaborate on my driving experience, but to sum it all up, it was fun and worthwhile. Huray for another check on my bucketlist!

Our stay in Tarlac was mostly uneventful. The plans with friends were cancelled due to unexpected happenings or change of schedules. Although, we did come to visit my dad's friend and got to take a glance at my elementary school.

Gosh, it does bring back the memories and nostalgic feels.

Before heading to Pampanga, we stopped by McDonald's for an afternoon snack and then went back to the road. 
Yo, dad!

The trip to Pampanga was a bit annoying because of the traffic and the inorganized people who officiates it; the road was being fixed. But, anyway I still got to see the beauty of mother nature.

I love looking at plains; it's breathtaking to see God's beautiful creation - so calm, so tranquil. There aren't wires, buildings and busy streets, but only mother nature.

I pray for more roadtrips like this, especially with great company. I guess it's a great start for this new month.

What's yours? :)